Why 40 Thieves?

Owner/Operator Perspective

40 Thieves LLC, along with affiliate Fine World Tobaccos, directly distributes hookahs, accessories and shisha tobacco. As a franchisee you do not work with wholesalers, but directly with the manufacturers of such products like Big Head Hookah Pipe tobacco, Al Fakher and Mya Saray. Working directly with the top business in the hookah industry saves money and produces more revenue. In fact in most cases the initial savings when working with 40 Thieves is well over the initial franchise investment. Also with 40 Thieves LLC you do not pay a royalty, therefore you keep more of the money you make vs. traditional franchises.

Strong System

The 40 Thieves Hookah Lounge operates on a proven system that cultivates exceptional returns. 40 Thieves is committed to finding the best way to streamline business operations. Our services and operations have allowed us to experience major growth in this niche industry.

Thinking Outside the box!

40 Thieves has thought outside the box incorporating many different avenues of entertainment including many relationships with game companies to supply us with pool tables, arcade games, air-hockey tables and more.Our marketing ties are extremely strong capitalizing on many different advertising avenues including Google,  Facebook and various other online avenues. We also internally handle branding elements such as signage, flyers and any other media needs.