Purchasing Your Franchise

Most owners/operators enter our program relatively new to hookah and sometimes business. Some have enjoyed hookah and/or have frequented a 40 Thieves location or affiliate.

Financial requirements

The total cost of your franchise varies and is typically dependent upon location, size and a multitude of other variables. A rough estimate would be between $60-$85k turn-key. Individuals with additional funds may be better prepared for multiple locations. 40 Thieves LLC does not offer financing.

Ongoing Fees

During the term of the franchise there are the following fees:

ZERO Franchise Royalties

Advertising and System Maintenance fees: a monthly fee supporting web presence, social and a portion of print ad needs ($250-$500/mo).

New Lounges

Initial Cost: Information available upon completion of application. 

Equipment and Pre-Opening Costs: Typically, these costs range from $30,000-$60,000. The size of the facility, location, pre-opening expenses, build out, miscellaneous equipment (non-hookah related), signage and style/décor will affect lounge costs.

Franchise Term: 3 years


Hookah Franchising

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Tel: 719-422-6717


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